The lowdown on smart supplementing.

Protein is the building block of the body. It feeds every single cell, which is why it’s so important to supplement with a high-quality protein powder.

Enter: Plantforce Synergy Protein.

After years of research, development, and in-house and third-party lab testing, Third Wave Nutrition created Plantforce Synergy Protein, a raw, plant-based protein that combines rice, pea and hemp protein to meet the body’s need for an ideal amino acid complex – something that’s usually only achieved through multiple sources of food.

These proteins complement each other to fuel our muscles with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. By blending all three proteins, Plantforce is the most balanced and effective protein supplement on the market.

Let’s break it down. Rice protein is high in the amino acids, cysteine and methionine, as well as fibre and B vitamins for muscle metabolism and growth. Pea protein is rich in lysine, which helps the body to produce energy and collagen, and maintain muscle. It’s also packed with BCAA’s (brain chain amino acids), which support exercise efforts. Rice and pea protein are often combined, but Plantforce Synergy Protein ups the ante with the addition of hemp protein. It’s the perfect plant-based protein, with 20 amino acids (including all nine essential amino acids the body needs to flourish), as well as omega-3s and -6s.

In other words? On their own, each source of protein is beneficial; but together, they pack a powerful punch.

That’s why we call it smart supplementing.

As a research-driven company, our number one focus is quality – a term that’s often thrown around in the natural health world, but not always backed by scientific research.

We’re committed to evolving with the science, which is why we’re so confident that our products are of the highest possible quality – and we have the certifications to prove it.

Our protein is vegan and all-natural according to the EU’s stringent standards, and the LIFE range is also certified organic. It’s nutrient-rich, and free from allergens, such as gluten, GMO, dairy and soy for a clean, easy-to-digest protein. As for the different types of protein, they’re sustainably sourced from around Europe and Canada.

We create all our flavours in-house using natural ingredients – and we’re the first line of plant protein in the world to do so up to the EU’s strict standards. The flavours alone took four years to perfect, and we’re proud of the fact that they’re all-natural. Sweetened with stevia leaf extract, our protein has a pleasant taste that can be enjoyed on its own.


Our bodies need protein to thrive. These are just some of the benefits of upping your protein intake with the help of a premium-quality protein powder.

  • Speeds up muscle recovery and repair
  • Builds long, lean muscles
  • Boosts energy, concentration and mood
  • Stabilises blood sugar levels
  • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer
  • Combats sugar cravings
  • Assists weight management