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Glowing Brekkie Bowl

Hope you all had a lovely week! Here’s my new recipe for the Glowing Brekkie [...]

Gingerbread Blue Oats

With all the warming spices, this oatmeal brings to mind the old-fashioned gingerbread and it’s [...]

Plantforce Shakshuk

Bean Shakshuka is definitely one of my favourite savoury breakfasts – high-protein and packed with [...]

Probiotic Berry Slice

Candy here again 🙂 Here’s my latest Probiotic Berry Slice I made with Plantforce Berry [...]

Blue Magic Protein Mylk

Hey everyone, Candy here again and hope you’re having a great week! Here’s my new [...]

Magnesium and Sleep ?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has many physiological functions in the body such as [...]

Plantforce Chickpea Pancake

Let’s start this Monday with the right foot. This will be a yummy breakfast you [...]

Plantforce Berry Chia Pudding

Looking for something more exciting for breakfast? Adding Berry Plantforce® Protein to chia pudding definitely [...]