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Blue Magic Protein Mylk

Hey everyone, Candy here again and hope you’re having a great week! Here’s my new [...]

Plantforce Green Breakfast

I always find it the hardest to get my greens in, in the morning?⠀Oatmeal with [...]

Plantforce Nice-Cream

My favorite way to make Nice-Cream recently has been bananas, plant milk, and a scoop [...]

Coconut and Chia Smoothie Bowl

We believe this is the Best Plant-Based Smoothie Bowl, thanks for Chasing Healthy Happiness sharing [...]

Chocolate Potato Bowl

Ingredients 1 cup cooked potatoes 1 frozen banana 2 tbsp carob or cacao powder 1 [...]

Super-Protein Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients 3 scoops of Plantforce Synergy Protein – Chocolate 2 tbsp. raw cocoa 2 bananas 1/2 avocado [...]